Who do you know that would like to pay less on their loans and save thousands?…

We’re passionate about what we do and we love helping people get great results with their finances – but there’s just no way we can reach all of the people that would benefit from our services.

Think about the people you know – your friends, family, work colleagues or even your neighbours and see if you can come up with anyone we might be able to help. Then simply email us their contact details, give us a call, or complete our online referral form.

As token of our appreciation for spreading the word we’re going to send you a $50 Prezzee Gift Card for every single referral.

Who do you know that wants to...

  • Get a better deal on their home or investment loan and save thousands in interest?
  • Buy their first home or investment property?
  • Release equity for a much-needed renovation project or even a holiday?
  • Get funding for a new property development or business venture?
  • Build up a cash flow positive property portfolio?
  • Buy a new car or purchase equipment for their business?
  • Consolidate some bad debts and get back on track with their finances?
  • Get access to unsecured funds to help grow your existing business?
  • Buy or refinance a commercial property or business?
  • Talk to an expert about the best way to structure and pay off loans in record time?

Help us to help others!

Do you know anyone that is positive, keen to get ahead and interested in improving their financial well-being?

If so, simply use the referral form below to submit your referral.

Rest assured there’s no high-pressure sales script here, just a friendly call from us to see how we can assist.

Note: We will have a chat with anyone but it’s preferable if the referred person has a current mortgage or has a genuine need for finance ie. they’re looking to buy a house or investment property, consolidate debt or refinance to a better rate etc.

Referral Terms & Conditions

The following outlines the requirements that all referrers must meet when referring potential borrowers to us for the purpose of providing credit assistance. All referrals provided to us must be made in accordance with the terms set out in this document.

If you refer potential borrowers to us, you will be deemed to have agreed to the terms set out in this document.

You must:

  • Only engage in credit activities as a referrer incidentally to another business you are carrying on;
  • Not charge a fee to the consumer for the referral;
  • Only inform the consumer that we are able to arrange loans and leases but not specify any particular product, and not provide any recommendations or advice concerning loans or leases;
  • Inform the consumer of any commissions or other benefits you may receive;
  • Obtain the consent of the consumer to pass their name, contact details and a short description of the purpose for which the consumer may want the credit or lease; and
  • Pass the consumer’s contact details to us within five business days of informing the consumer that we are able to arrange loans and leases but not any particular product.

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