Learn how to raise much needed funds for your organisation while rewarding your members.

We want to sponsor your local club…

What does a Sports Club, Dance School and Charity have in common – they all need to fundraise! 

Well, we want to help…

We’ve come up with a simple way for organisations like these to raise much needed funds while actually rewarding their members.

We call it ‘win-win sponsorship’ – it’s where we pledge a percentage of the revenue we generate to your organisation for helping us to grow our business.


Here’s how it works…

You offer your members a free home loan review with us to see if we can get them a better deal…

If we can get your member a cheaper interest rate, then not only will they save thousands in interest, but we’ll make a cash donation back to your organisation.

Our donation will be around $500 for an average size loan up to as much as $2,000 [or more] for larger loans we facilitate.

It’s then up to you to decide how the donation gets used…

You can allocate it all to your club, share some of it with your member, or give it all to your member in the form of a credit they can use to offset any future costs [eg. membership fees].

You could even set up an incentive system whereby members receive a portion of any donation that’s generated through the people they actively refer to us.

Every organisation is different so you’ll know how to best use the funds.


Member benefits.

As you know our service is completely free and there is no obligation to do anything, so worst case your members get a complimentary finance check-up and peace of mind that they’re already on a good deal.

As Mortgage Brokers we have access to over 40 lenders and hundreds of products and can source the best rates in the market, so there’s lots of potential to save your members money.

Even a small change in interest rates can make a huge difference. For example, paying just 0.5% less on a $500,000 home loan will save someone more than $50,000 in interest over the life of the loan!

There’s really nothing to lose – the home loan review doesn’t take long and will show that either, we can save your member a significant amount of money, or what they have in place is ok and doesn’t need changing.

But ultimately it’s their call if they want to do anything – there’s certainly no pressure tactics from us.

Rest assured your members will be in good hands – our brokers have over 20 years combined lending experience and know how to hunt down great deals!


Getting started…

If you’re interested send us an email or simply call 08 8451 1500 for a friendly chat.

We’ll work with you to tailor a solution that’s right for your organisation.

We’ll even produce all of the marketing material required to promote the offer to your members – all you’ll need to do is email it out to them [we can even do this for you too!].

We’re currently running this donation/sponsorship program with a range of clubs and it’s been a great success and a real win-win for all parties.

So if you’re part of any type of organisation that needs to raise funds give us a buzz now to see how we can help.

Remember, if we help just 20 of your members to get a better deal you’ll raise more than $10,000 for your organisation!

Supporting the local community!

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